History and Philosophy
EDUBS is an internet based mailing list, originally conceived by Stephen Moggan. He writes, "Basically, the club is primarily aimed at UK air-cooled and water-cooled Volkswagen owners, although contributions ARE welcome from all parts of the world. We currently have approximately 150 members and growing."
"The club is intended to be used as a place where VW owners on the internet can get to know each other, display their superior technical knowledge to people such as myself, arrange meetings at VW events, and do most of the things you do at regular VW meetings, except sit in the pub and drink beer - well you could sit at the computer and drink beer!"
Little did Mr Moggan know what he had started. Since the creation of Edubs, the club has become a real on-line community with long term members based all over the UK, many in Europe and even a few now in the US. So, why has Edubs been such a success? It's partly because it has been allowed to grow on its own and as no one person decides how the club evolves, Edubs survives on the input and merit of its members.

In recent years, Edubs members have met up at most of the major UK meetings, and with members now based in mainland Europe, Edubs will be attending many more European based Volkswagen shows.